Friday, November 30, 2012

Most children are not taught to rely on their inner wisdom. Instead

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Everyone was born with the magical power of intuition. Intuition is a clear flow of wisdom available to you,can become great.". It is centered in your authenticity, true purpose and highest path,Take time to set and evaluate goals.
Following your intuition will help you avoid or rise above challenge and struggle as you create your life experience. Why ignore or throw intuition, that gut instinct, down the proverbial garbage disposal? What makes a person go against their instincts in favor of another choice that never results in a good outcome?
Have you ever said to yourself, "I should have trusted my gut?"
When you turn your back on your inner wisdom you turn your power over to your woefully misguided Inner Critic. Your intuition reflects your True Self - the generative force of what I playfully call your Moxie power.
Review the events of your life. Do you remember times when you felt the pull of a gut feeling that what you were about to do wasn't a good choice? Did you go ahead and act on that choice anyway? What happened as a result?
Did you ever listen to and acted upon that calm gut instinct? What was the outcome?
There is a clear distinction between calm, knowing intuitive wisdom and a thought based in fear and self-doubt. The latter will not feel good. You will feel a little sick to your stomach, frightened,and breakfast nook. It was a mess to clean up. Pay attention to how you feel to determine whether you are paying attention to the scaredy-cat Inner Critic or the wise intuitive True Self.
You have a higher level of responsibility for the consequences of your choices now that you are aware of the power of your intuition. You will know when any given circumstance is not in sync with your truth, your highest good.
Its not always easy to act upon your intuition. Often, the Inner Critic offers a path of least resistance, a choice that is less 'scary'.
Relying upon your intuition to weigh in on your choices and decisions takes guts - your Moxie power! Perhaps that's why the voice of your intuition, your inspiration is called a gut instinct.
Most children are not taught to rely on their inner wisdom. Instead, they are taught that they don't know much of anything yet. Told to only listen to and do what other people tell them to mutes inner knowledge. As children grow up they tend to ignore gut instinct. Even children who are aware of this intuitive resource often ignore it in favor of the dictates of others - or in order to please their influencers, primarily family elders and teachers. Often this advice is a 'play it safe' mentality that is the embodiment of their own Inner Critics.
Your intuition is available to you at all times. All you have to do is ask what your heart, your truth, wants to do instead of your head. Muster up your Moxie to center yourself, perhaps with a little deep breathing to quiet the chatterbox Inner Critic. Quiet your mind.
Out of the stillness you will hear the voice of your intuition, your innate wisdom. Then, and only then, make your decision and act.

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